The Old 300™ membership privileges

Your membership dues will admit you to an exclusive association of individuals who will help us write Texas bourbon-making history. Members of The Old 300™ will become our statewide ambassadors, helping us spread the word about our bourbon to thirsty Texans. By participating, you will be supporting the advancement of your own homegrown bourbon distillery. Membership privileges include:

Participation in Bourbon Camp in Hye

You will receive an invitation to join us for a weekend at Garrison Brothers Distillery for an insider’s look at the making, marketing, and enjoyment of fine bourbon. You will learn everything about American whiskey, including those offerings from our brethren in Kentucky and Tennessee. Even if you’re a whiskey novice today, you’ll be a connoisseur when we’re done with you. (Bourbon Camp will be held twice a year. Reservations are first come, first served.)

The opportunity to make your own bourbon

During your visit, you will handcraft Garrison Brothers Bourbon with assistance from our proprietor, master bourbon makers, cooks, and distillers. You’ll sample the premium grain, cook the sweetest mash in the world, distill “white dog,” and nose it as it comes off the still. You’ll even barrel the bourbon, hammer the bung into place, and rick the barrel in one of our barns.

Your own Garrison Brothers American oak barrel

You will hand-select a barrel during your visit, and years later—after your barrel is emptied and the sweet amber bourbon is bottled—we’ll let you know when and where the bourbon can be purchased. We will then stain the barrel, make any necessary repairs, line the inside with a distilled spirits-safe liner, mount a spigot, and affix a brass plaque with your name and Old 300 number. We will then ship the finished ten-gallon barrel to you, and you will be the owner of a keepsake unlike any other. Inside your barrel will be a check for $1,000—your original barrel reservation deposit. We’re hopeful you’ll be proud enough of what you’ve accomplished to use the deposit to fill the barrel with Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey.

Other benefits

  • Invitations to attend Garrison Brothers Bourbon Tastings and Bourbon Dinners at acclaimed Texas restaurants.
  • Family and guest distillery visitation privileges (by appointment, when accompanied by member).
  • A semi-annual newsletter from the distillery.
  • Advance opportunity to purchase tickets to concerts and events held at the distillery.
  • Advance information about special bottling release dates and special vintages.
  • Your name, membership term, and membership number engraved on a permanent plaque at the distillery.