The Old 300™ Membership Responsibilites.

Originally, we’d planned to regularly convene members of The Old 300™ for periodic tasting panels, but doing so is prohibited by Texas law. (Trust that we’re working to change that law!) In the meantime, Garrison Brothers is inviting members of The Old 300 to provide input and expertise as we conceptualize, create, and market new bourbon bottlings. Of course, serving as a member of The Old 300 member carries a responsibility we hope you’ll take seriously. The Old 300 are our ambassadors statewide and around the world, and we will insist they represent us well. Therefore, we reserve the right to revoke membership at any time for any reason. (All dues and deposits will be immediately returned.)

Though Old 300 members will not hold equity in the company, we intend for members to be actively involved in significant decisions affecting our growth. If you choose to join, here’s what we’ll expect from you:

  • Enjoy the finest bourbon ever made anywhere—ours!
  • Drink our bourbon responsibly and encourage others to do so.
  • Recommend qualified* retail stores, bars, hotels and restaurants that should carry Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Call or email us if you ever hear anyone express a negative opinion of Garrison Brothers Bourbon. We want to know why!
  • Recruit other Old 300 members.
  • Help us evaluate new whiskey profiles and bottlings, planned bottle and label designs, planned distillery events, and proposed marketing ideas.