Elsewhere in the good ol’ U. S. A., Texans are known for tall tales, going off half-cocked and gross elaboration. To assure I don’t perpetuate this hurtful and baseless stereotype, I’m not going to blow any wind up your skirt regarding the Pre-release of Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey. I will just relate the facts:

  • Thursday, February 18 – Garrison Brothers informs its newsletter readers of the pre-release of our bourbon by Texas Independence Day (March 2nd) to the six liquor stores located in Blanco and Gillespie Counties.
  • Monday, February 22 – Bottling is complete at GBD and trucks deliver our bourbon to the distributor.
  • Tuesday, February 23 – The distributor turns the product around and delivers all the bottles back to the six stores out here. Stores put it on shelves. Garrison Brothers issues a press release announcing the pre-release.
  • Thursday, February 25 – The liquor store in Hye sells out their entire allocation. Owner calls the distributor pleading for more.
  • Friday, February 26 – The liquor store in Blanco sells out their entire allocation. (The owner claims buyers were flying in from Atlanta, Dallas, and Las Vegas to pick up their bottles.)
  • Saturday, February 27 – All three Fredericksburg stores sell out their allocations.

So, I guess y’all were parched!

Sincere thanks to everyone who bought a bottle, a case, or more. Heartfelt apologies to anyone who wanted one but could not find a bottle. Barring any unforeseen disaster, our next release — Garrison Brothers 2008 Signature Vintage — will be available this fall.

As a courtesy to the wonderful folks at the local liquor stores out here, please do not place any more calls to stores in Blanco and Gillespie Counties. I promise you they have no more to sell and we don’t either.

Yeah, you ruthless bourbon-drinking bastards took my babies! Every single one of them. I miss them already. Please treat them well. Teach them respect and kindness and moderation.

Now I’d like to do something that really takes brass balls. From those of you who bought bottles — and only those who bought bottles — I want to know what you think of our bourbon.

As the moderator of this blog, you have my word as a fellow Texan that I will NOT delete any comments unless they are offensive to other bourbon whiskeys, bourbon makers, or other people. I’ll also eliminate any comments that disparagingly include names or phone numbers. Everything else, including and especially our bourbon, is fair game! Feel free to rant anonymously, if you wish, but rant nonetheless.

So, Texas, what do you think of our bourbon?