Gypsy Cowgirl Needs A Little Love

If you’ve visited Garrison Brothers Distillery for one of our concerts, open houses, chicken dinners, Bourbon Camps or parties, chances are you’ve heard Scooter Pearce sing and play guitar. We’re pretty fond of Scooter. Sadly, a few weeks ago Scooter fell asleep at the wheel while driving home from a gig. Her injuries were bad. […]

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Whiskey and Rain

Don’t know about ya’ll but I’m parched. The Hill Country is drier than hell on a hot day. Ashamed TV weather reporters are hiding out like Al Quaeda terrorists. And I’m too poor to pack it all up and go to Colorado like those Escalade-driving-sons-of-bitches I keep seeing on the highway. Fortunately, there’s a little Garrison Brothers […]

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