Barrel Harvest

Finally, the temperature has dropped. It’s chilly and dry. Trees are trimmed. Santa and Rudolph are on their way. This old-timer has got a little swagger in his step and a Boot Flask in his boot. 

In Hye, Texas, its time to harvest bourbon barrels. 

The ambrosia in these barrels is destined to become our 2018 Vintage of Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon. Donnis calls these sweet little ones his Piggy Bank barrels. They’re the ones he hides away for five years. They become the roux for his cowboy bourbon gumbo. So far he’s discovered 182 of them. The average proof of the Piggy Bank barrels was 139.9. But that’ll change as we dump more. We believe this is the best bourbon in the world. 

According to Donnis, he’s tasting oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon in a brown sugar and graham cracker crust. Sounds like a nice little Christmas snack for Santa.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful liquid with you next year. Have a very Merry Christmas.

Kind regards,

Dan Garrison