The Proposed “50-Gallon Standard”

My name is Dan Garrison. I own and operate Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas. We are making five brands of ultra-premium straight bourbon whiskey using small, medium and large format new white American oak barrels. We are proud of our bourbon and believe we are making the finest bourbon whiskey in America today. Our bourbons have been awarded double gold medals and best of show awards in competitions across the globe.


We 100% oppose TTB’s proposed rule requiring oak barrels to be “cylindrical oak containers of approximately 50-gallon size.” This highly suspicious rule would likely put me out of business and would force me to make bourbon that tastes like everyone else’s bourbon.


This proposed rule reeks of meddling by large multinational liquor companies trying to “game the system” so they can use regulatory influence to strengthen their monopoly. 


My staff and I kindly request that the Tax and Trade Bureau abandon this direction, and instead, support and encourage entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

If you are in agreement and would like to support our position, please click here: and follow the short steps provided.

Kind regards,




Dan Garrison