Desert Door

It’s no secret that Garrison Brothers is always pushing the bounds of what one can do with whiskey. As the first legal bourbon distillery outside of Kentucky, we’re used to blazing new trails across the Lone Star State, with each new release pushing us ahead of the pack. Though we love stirring things up in our slice of Hill Country heaven, life on the frontier can get lonely; every adventurer needs a partner-in-crime.

As luck would have it, we stumbled across fellow pioneers at Desert Door, a sotol distillery in Driftwood, Texas. Desert Door’s story stars a set of trailblazers, much like our own: they’re the very first commercial distillers of sotol in the United States. Sotol, having recently gained popularity in the States, is a spirit similar to tequila and mezcal, though it isn’t distilled from the agave plant. Instead, it originates from the Desert Spoon, a spiky-green succulent which flowers every couple of years. Its blooms are used to distill the spirit.

Together, we had the chance to create something glorious, something the world of spirits had never seen before— and which Garrison Brothers expression could be more appropriate for a pair of outlaws than our uncut, unfiltered, cask-strength Cowboy Bourbon®? The idea began to form: a sotol aged in our used white American Oak barrels, imbuing the smooth sotol with our Cowboy’s legendary tasting notes. 

Our Master Distiller, Donnis Todd, hand-selected barrels from the batch he’d used to age that year’s Cowboy and passed them on to the team at Desert Door. With the shaking of hands and the tipping of hats, the Desert Cowboy was born: an oak-aged sotol, finished in Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon barrels. Truly one-of-a-kind.

Following that first conquest, Garrison Brothers and Desert Door have worked side-by-side to continue forging a new path with barrel-aged sotol. This year’s release is as subtle and smooth as it is powerful, showcasing the flavors of our iconic Cowboy Bourbon.

A spirit so unique deserves to be served in style, which is why we’ve come up with a cocktail as one-of-a-kind as this partnership. Introducing the Cosmic Cowboy: an inventive mix starring Desert Door Oak-Aged Sotol and Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon. This cheery libation combines citrus and chocolate for a flavorful drink perfect for sipping on at any holiday party! 

Here’s the recipe:

1 oz. Desert Door’s Oak-Aged Sotol Finished in Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon Barrels

1 oz. Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon

1/4 oz. Honey

1/4 oz. Liber & Co. Ginger Syrup

2 Dashes Cardamom Bitters

2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters

1 oz. Orange Juice

1/2 oz. Heavy Whipping Cream

1/2 in. Piece of Turmeric Chopped

Dehydrated Orange Wheel

In a shaking tin, muddle turmeric, add Desert Door Sotol, Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon and honey. Stir vigorously until honey is combined. Add ginger syrup, bitters, orange juice, cream and ice to the shaker and shake. Pour into coupe glass. Garnish with a dried orange wheel and shaved chocolate.