From Ashes to Resilience: The Heart of the Texas Panhandle

In the sprawling plains of the Texas Panhandle, where golden fields of wheat and corn stretch to meet the horizon and cattle roam freely under vast skies, life is as rugged as it is beautiful. This region, known for its agricultural wealth and the resilient spirit of its inhabitants, faced a harrowing ordeal earlier this […]

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Desert Door

It’s no secret that Garrison Brothers is always pushing the bounds of what one can do with whiskey. As the first legal bourbon distillery outside of Kentucky, we’re used to blazing new trails across the Lone Star State, with each new release pushing us ahead of the pack. Though we love stirring things up in […]

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Join The Bourbon Takeover For 2022

If there’s one thing all of us here at Garrison Brothers love more than producing the finest bourbon in the country, it’s sending it home with all you fine folks and seeing all the inventive ways you find to enjoy it. Pairing it with delicious BBQ, smooth cigars, and of course including it in your […]

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Bringing Bourbon To The Beach: A Tale Of Texas Tiki

Picture this: sun on your face, toes in the sand, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, breathing in the salty-fresh air. In your hand is a tropical cocktail, a vibrant flower or colorful paper umbrella adorning the rim of your sun-warmed ceramic tiki mug. Now…what if we were able to bring most of […]

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The Return Of Guadalupe

It began with an exchange. Twenty premium quality Garrison Brothers charred white American Oak bourbon barrels traded for twenty decades-old port casks.  Back in 2016, Garrison Brothers Master Distiller Donnis Todd was hard at work, nurturing his latest experiment. In his never-ending quest to make the finest bourbon whiskey on the planet, he had gathered […]

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Open The Desert Door And Enter The World Of Sotol

As y’all probably already know, we’re pretty proud of the fact that we were the first ones to bring bourbon whiskey to the state of Texas. Since we first kicked off the Texas Bourbon Boom all those years ago, we’ve seen dozens of folks all across the Lone Star State fire up their own stills […]

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