Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner Is Back For 2021

We Filled Barrel Number 30,000! To Celebrate, The Boys Want To Fry You Some Chicken. Last month Garrison Brothers Distillery achieved a major milestone; we filled our 30,000th bourbon barrel with the most delicious, delightful, sinfully good brown liquor ever made. For us that’s a pretty big deal. So, we’re going to put on a […]

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Operation Crush COVID-19 – PART 2

With Covid-19 raging across the country throughout most of 2020, all of us at Garrison Brothers felt that it was time for us to do our part in helping to fight the pandemic. After all, as we always say, good bourbon can change the world. Ironically enough, however, our first step was to actually cut […]

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Operation Crush COVID-19 – Part 1

It’s no exaggeration to say we’re living in an entirely different world than we were this time last year. All of us at Garrison Brothers started off 2020 with big plans. We were going to have hundreds of tastings, dozens of events at the distillery, and we were kicking off our search for the best […]

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Cocktails To-Go

Garrison Brothers Cocktails To-Go

Friends, Many of our business partners at bars, restaurants, and hotels are struggling to survive. Times are tough for them, and for us. Governor Abbott has used his emergency authority to allow “cocktails to go” from our restaurant partners. We hope he will soon extend the same opportunity to distilleries since we are hurting too. […]

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The Proposed “50-Gallon Standard”

My name is Dan Garrison. I own and operate Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas. We are making five brands of ultra-premium straight bourbon whiskey using small, medium and large format new white American oak barrels. We are proud of our bourbon and believe we are making the finest bourbon whiskey in America today. Our […]

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 2019

This year marks the 58th celebration of the Stonewall Peach Jamboree and Rodeo, or as we like to refer to it around the ranch: “The greatest display of country, redneck-Americana one can possibly experience.” It certainly has a nice ring to it. BUY TICKETS HERE  On Friday, June 21 through Saturday, June 22, Hill Country […]

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Rest in Peace, Dave

  Rest In Peace Dave! You were a respected historian, author, distiller, and friend. You are probably the most influential reason that there are now thousands of small distilleries like mine in America today.   I will raise a glass to you tonight and fondly reminisce our nights drinking good bourbon by the fire-pit as […]

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Red White and Bourbon

Red White and Bourbon Distillery Event

Son of a Son of a Sailor I did not attend a military academy and did not serve our country. I wanted to though, and I considered applying to the Naval Academy for admission during my junior year of high school. Both my dad and my grandfather had attended the Academy and served in the […]

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Cowboy Bourbon Round-Up

The 2018 Cowboy Bourbon Release What We Believe We believe good bourbon whiskey can change the world. We believe good bourbon whiskey builds solid friendships. We believe good bourbon whiskey yields stronger faith in man and God. We believe good bourbon whiskey creates legendary stories. We believe everyone should DRINK LIKE AN ADULT™! Introducing the […]

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