Can’t Make The Trip Out Here?
Don’t Sweat It.
We’ve Brought It To You.



Take A Tour

Follow this 360-degree, virtual tour of our beautiful Hill Country distillery. Enjoy the Hayless-Hayride up to the still house while the Garrison Brothers team takes you through our process from start to finish. You can almost feel the breeze.

It’s Like You’re Here…

Throw your headphones on and close your eyes to be instantly transported to our distillery in Hye. Enjoy the sound of white-dog comin’ off the still or barrels rolling into barns. Heck, this could be your new daily meditation routine.

Welcome to Hye, TX. A speck of a town with a population smaller than the proof of our signature Cowboy Bourbon.

- Dan Garrison

Shake It Up At Home

Sometimes you just got to put your cocktail making skills to the test. Try one of these spring cocktails at home.

If you drink our bourbon, you're probably not one to shy away from intense flavors. This walks the fine line of bittersweet better than most. Complex but not overly complicated.

This is a sunny glass of liquid gold. If you're looking for something special to whip up, look no further. You can never go wrong with bourbon and bacon.

A fresh Garrison Brothers spin on the classic hurricane cocktail.

Join The Never-Ending Toast

An ongoing collection of videos from people from all over the world cheersing one another. Post yours to Instagram and tag @garrisonbros

Mix up some simple syrups with our Bourbon Baroness, Emma Kahn!