Boot Flask


Yeah, we get it. Really good straight bourbon is expensive. And it comes in big, bulky bottles that may be challenging to take to the ball game, the rodeo, the dance or to fit into a Christmas stocking. But once you have tried it, drinking the cheap stuff sucks. Here is the solution: The Garrison Brothers Boot Flask is portable, affordable, and makes you the greatest gift giver of all time. We’ve got your back. Actually, we’ve got your back-pocket. Or your boot. Or maybe your purse.

What’s special about our Boot Flask?

The same smooth, bourbon nectar you’ve always enjoyed or wanted to try, but now in a handy little bottle, ergonomically designed to fit inside your most comfortable pair of boots. Enjoying a bottle of Garrison Brothers Bourbon has always been an experience unlike any other. And now, you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you’d like.


Subtle nose of golden delicious apple-meat and honey. Sweet floral verbena, fresh cut grass, saddle leather, cinnamon and honey. Springtime flavors of honeysuckle and orange candy, yellow pound cake, baking spices, lemon gumdrops, and sugar cookies. Long and engrossing finish. Complex. Smoky county fair caramel apple sprinkled with walnuts and cinnamon.

“You can sneak it into the concert on Friday, the football game on Saturday, and to church on Sunday.”

- Dan Garrison

Heat. Swell. Cool. Shrink. Repeat.

The golden nectar is heat-forged in the scorching Texas sun, aging chaotically inside custom-made oak barrels. All the while, the liquid cycles through the wood’s pores, extracting every bit of flavor possible. Breathe in, and inhale an aroma brimming of butterscotch, nutmeg, and vanilla. Notes of fruit dominate the palate, with hints of butter, whipped cream, and oak. The finish is smooth, with chocolate and espresso notes. A true tour de force of flavor. Every barrel that’s married together to create the Boot Flask is three-to-four years old. And each year, a brand new vintage of this highly-coveted bourbon is released. Bottles go fast. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. So savor every sip and take your time with this one; after all, we took ours.