2022 Cowboy Bourbon ®


Once a year Garrison Brothers releases one of the most highly-coveted bourbon whiskeys in America: Cowboy Bourbon®. Unlike our Small Batch, Cowboy comes from Dan and Donnis’ favorite barrels. These barrels are set aside for a couple of years for further maturation and the liquid is bottled at cask-strength, uncut and unfiltered. It is the ultimate ambrosia


It takes a special barrel to create a bourbon nectar sweet enough to be enjoyed at such a high proof. The potency normally overpowers the flavor. This ain’t the case with Cowboy Bourbon – it’s so sweet, the flavor overpowers its proof. And you can thank the Texas heat for that.

But as delicious as it all sounds, make sure you proceed with caution; barrel-proof bourbon is not for everyone. It should always be savored in moderation. For something strong enough to run a car engine, the finish is incredibly smooth. It’s peppery, with a restrained current of warmth. While surprising, maybe it ought not be, as that restraint makes it ideal for summertime drinking. This stuff was heat-forged in Texas, after all.

2022 Cowboy Bourbon Tasting Notes

The nose rolls in sweetly and gently. Reminiscent of a new pair of hand-made leather boots. Or maybe monkey bread. Finishes subtly with spring jasmine. Dark as cacao chocolate with the fattest legs ever seen slowly rolling home. Syrupy Dublin Dr. Pepper and brown sugar on the center of the tongue. Blackstrap molasses. Carob and dates. Finish is chocolate bark from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

"118 barrels meant to be enjoyed together."

- Donnis Todd, Master Distiller

This year’s release will be 9,600 750 mL-sized bottles. Every barrel used in this release was at least eight years old. Finally, it will be barrel-proof. Straight from the barrel. Unfiltered. Uncut. Cask strength at 134.8 proof!