Founded in 1976 on the Texas High Plains near Lubbock, Llano Estacado Winery has a storied history. The company has been making great wines for more than three decades. They called Garrison Brothers in 2015 and asked if they would consider a collaboration and the distillery jumped at the chance. Ten 15-gallon barrels that had held straight bourbon for four years were poured into eight large Port Wine barrels for finishing. Every three months after that, Master Distiller Donnis Todd dutifully tasted samples from each of the barrels. After two years, the newest of the Garrison Brothers Handcrafted Experimentals Collection was born.

It’s like getting two whiskeys in one – an oaky, spicy bruiser and a brighter, fruit-forward sipper.

The blend of aging in white American oak barrels and finishing in Llano Estacado Port Wine French oak casks combine to produce a dreamy and mesmerizing golden honey colored bourbon. You can get your hands on this golden ambrosia at the Garrison Brothers Distillery Bottle Shop.


Freshly cut, wet lumber. Tincture of cannabis. Gunpowder. Heavenly lemon zest madeline sugar puff cookies. Silky smooth. Maple syrup. English toffee. Orange marmalade. Delicate hints of vanilla, butterscotch and caramel. Crisp and fast. A lemon drop.

“Master Distiller Donnis Todd walked up with a nosing glass and said try this. I did and Estacado was born.”

- Dan Garrison

every day, we strive to making better bourbon than the day before.

By doing so, bourbon drinkers can expect a better bottle of Garrison Brothers each time they buy one. We’re not that concerned about consistency. Consistency is boring. One genealogical trait that runs consistently throughout our family of bourbons is color. Our bourbons are amber-crimson, like a Texas sunset, darker, richer, and bolder than any other bourbon on the market. The myth that bourbon must come from Kentucky is exactly that. We challenge you to try this next to your favorite bottle of Kentucky bourbon.