Single Barrel

Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey | 94 PROOF

Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon is proof that each barrel is special. Whether you are trying Single Barrel Cask Strength or 94 proof, you will experience the differences in each barrel caused by the interaction of each American white oak barrel, the searing Texas climate, and the juice inside means that no two barrels of bourbon will be exactly alike. Each barrel of Garrison Brothers Single Barrel has aged for at least three years in the searing Texas heat, soaking up a unique set of notes and flavors from a new American White Oak barrel.

This is the best damn bourbon ever made.
Try a single barrel.

The embodiment of unique, authentic bourbon and arguably, the Holy Grail of Custom Craftsmanship. Every barrel has its own distinct personality and character. That’s the true beauty of Single Barrel. The bourbon has a beautiful, dark copper color and long legs. The nose is more pronounced and delivers butterscotch, oak, vanilla, and nutmeg. This creates a warm and inviting environment, but it’s the sweet oak flavor that really drives the taste.

We taste every barrel, meticulously seeking out the exceptional gems that ultimately become our distinguished Single Barrel bourbons."

- Donnis Todd on the Single Barrel Selection Program

Two unique bottles from three unique barrels

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of spending thousands on their own barrel, so we’ve done you one better: a Single Barrel sampler case featuring two bottles, each from three unique barrels. The sweet ambrosia inside is left to the devices of the scorching Hill Country sun, which moves it in and out of the crevices of the oak, which yields the finest tasting notes nature has to offer. This Flight In A Box option gives you an opportunity to try different barrels in a single carton. This is the true embodiment of authentic, hand-crafted bourbon.