2019 Single Barrel

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In 2013, the Texas Legislature passed a law permitting Texas distilleries to begin selling their products to guests visiting the distillery property. Victory never tasted so sweet. To celebrate, Garrison Brothers introduced their now-iconic Single Barrel Bourbon. Visitors can buy a bottle of the Single Barrel that they bottle themselves at the Distillery. They can also select their own barrel, bottle the barrel with friends and family, and purchase the bottles and empty barrel at their liquor store of choice. Bottles include custom labels with details about the barrel and whom it was selected for. The response has been overwhelming.


This is the best damn bourbon ever made.
Want your own bottle?

The embodiment of unique, authentic bourbon and arguably, the Holy Grail of Custom Craftsmanship. Barrels selected for the program are at least four years old – a year older than most early vintages of the Texas Small Batch Bourbon. Every barrel has its own distinct personality and character. That’s the true beauty of Single Barrel. The bourbon has a beautiful, dark copper color and long legs. The nose is more pronounced and delivers butterscotch, oak, vanilla, and nutmeg. This creates a warm and inviting environment, but it’s the sweet oak flavor that really drives the taste.

Ordering a Barrel of Single Barrel

Fill out an order form at the link below. Upon receipt, we will order personalized labels for you. Due to variable Angel’s Share losses during maturation, we cannot precisely predict how many bottles a barrel will yield. We anticipate between 50 and 80 bottles.* Each 750 mL bottle is stunning: Personalized with a pewter Texas Star affixed to the front, each bottle is dipped by hand in silver wax and features an antiqued label that reads “Hand-selected.” The unique barrel number is featured on the bottle and each unique bottle number is handwritten on the side. Within 60 days of receipt of this order form, your barrel and bottles will be shipped to your favorite liquor store.
Single Barrel Order Form
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“We taste barrels until you find one that you simply cannot live without.”

- Donnis Todd on the Single Barrel Selection Program

Six unique bottles from six unique barrels

But not everyone can shell out $4,000 to $8,000 for their own barrel. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a special Single Barrel case for liquor retailers, which includes six unique bottles from six unique barrels. Each barrel has its own personality. By aging our barrels in the scorching Texas sun, the bourbon cycles through the wood’s pores and crevices, extracting all of the flavor possible and yielding a distinct color and a true tour de force of flavor. (The bottles are packaged in six bottle cases, and the cases are delivered on one pallet. Each 40”x48”x52” pallet will weigh around 1,985 pounds.)