Our Story

Surviving a Texas summer is damn near impossible.

Our first batch of Bourbon didn’t stand a chance.

The scorching heat nuked the barrels. They leaked. Cracked. Broke altogether. Hundreds of gallons were lost.

But Dan’s spirit was stronger than his casks. It never bent, snapped, nor crumbled. He found a cooperage who was willing to form custom barrels with staves thick enough to stand up to the Texas heat. All 130 degrees of it.

There’s nothing quite like Texas Pride. And Dan and his team were hell-bent on doing whatever it took to make the very first, legal Texas bourbon.


We are a family of bourbon makers and bourbon lovers, fully committed to proving that the finest bourbon whiskey on the planet will be born in the Texas Hill Country. A bourbon that beyond its incredible taste, also has the power to fortify friendships and faith, while inspiring legendary stories for life.

We value God, family, friends and our country, foremost, but we always welcome strangers.

We value and respect our leaders, our elders and each generation that has come before us.

We value our children and the children of others and we strive to always assure their well-being. We will take whatever steps necessary to ensure their safety.

We value hard work, integrity, and honesty, and the independence, health and well-being that result from each.

We value the land and that which it produces; and we work to preserve, conserve and respect the natural resources that make our business worth pursuing and our lives worth living.

We value the peace, quiet and tranquility that are increasingly difficult to find in the modern world. We like our privacy and our independence.

We value good health, personal accountability, and moderation for ourselves, our families, our employees, and our friends.