Garrison Brothers Distillery Releases Limited-Edition Honey-Infused Bourbon

4,000 bottles of the Texas distillery’s first 80-proof bourbon available at Hye, Texas distillery starting in August

AUSTIN, TEXAS —July 30, 2018 —Garrison Brothers Distillery announced today the release of HoneyDew, the latest experimental release in the company’s portfolio of ultra-premium, Texas-born bourbon whiskies. HoneyDew is only available at the Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas for a limited time starting August 17. The special release 80 proofbourbon is infused with 100% Texas-made Burleson’s wildflower honey resulting in a smooth, light bourbon with a subtle honey finish.The project is 11 years in the making and a departure from previous styles created by the brand. Nancy Garrison, wife and business partner of proprietor Dan Garrison, wanted the distillery to produce a honey-sweetened bourbon whiskey since they started the business together in 2006. Dan strongly objected due to his disdain for “flavored whiskies,” hence the name “HoneyDew”, as a play on “Honey Do” requests. Garrison’s objections to flavored whiskies come from the fact that so many of them are chemical concoctions; several even made with propylene glycol.Master distiller Donnis Todd emptied a few dozen four-year-old Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon barrels into a stainless-steel tank, where the liquid mellowed for seven months. He then decimated all the empty bourbon barrels by sawing them into small wooden cubes. He immersed the cubes in Burleson’s Texas Wildflower Honey. The cubes were then infused with more Burleson’s Honey by Matt Albrecht of River Drive Cooperage using a patented technique called Fiber Infusion Technology. Once Todd was satisfied that the cubes had absorbed the honey, he used cheesecloth to contain the cubes and immersed them in the stainless-steel tank of bourbon every day for seven months.“It’s exciting to have two family-owned businesses collaborating in support of Texas agriculture and entrepreneurship,” said Tim Burleson, President of Burleson’s Honey. “It’s been a rewarding experience to work with Dan Garrison over the years and we’re excited to deepen Burleson’s relationship with him and his team. We want to continue bringing fine honey and fine bourbon together for everyone to enjoy.”The new bourbon has tasting notes of sweet elderberry syrup, yeast, yellow-flesh peaches, apricots, white chocolate, and of course, delicious, golden Texas honey.“I’ve been drinking bourbon since I was 13 years old. Our HoneyDew is the most magical nectar I have ever tasted,” said Garrison. “It is light, delicate, gentle, floral, and perfect for sipping on the porch in the summertime. Donnis knocked it out of the park. This bourbon will absolutely be released commercially some day!”

Garrison Brothers will celebrate the release of HoneyDew with a party at their distillery in Hye, Texas on Friday, August 17. Dubbed theHoneyDew Hullabaloo, the daytime party will feature frozen HoneyDew cocktails byFrost 321, a mobile cigar lounge byHabana Cowboy, and a honey-education tent by Burleson’s Honey. Distillery gates will open at noon and the festivities will last until 6 p.m.HoneyDew will be available exclusively at the distillery in Hye, Texas for $69.99 beginning August 17 at Hye Noon.

ABOUT GARRISON BROTHERS DISTILLERY Garrison Brothers Distillery™ is a small farm and ranch located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country that authentically produces straight bourbon whiskey. Garrison Brothers introduced the first bourbon whiskey legally made in Texas in 2010 and has since developed a rabid fan base. They currently have a waiting list of more than 10,000 just to volunteer on bottling days, and their Cowboy Bourbon sells out within hours of its release. Garrison Brothers is the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas history andis one of the first distilleries in America outside of Kentucky to produce authentic, handmade bourbon whiskey and only bourbon whiskey. The business was founded in 2006.Every expression of Garrison Brothers bourbon is made from a sweet mash bill and barrel aged in the intensely hot Texas climate. The extreme heat leads to exponential aging seasons in every year, resulting in a darker, richer, and fuller bourbon; bolder than almost any other bourbon on the market.At the American Craft Spirit Awards in 2018, they were awarded a gold medal for their Single Barrel Bourbon, silver medal for their 2016 Vintage Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey and another silver for their Balmorhea Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. Last year, the distillery was voted the Best Craft Whiskey Distillery in America by readers of USA Today.The business is a proud and active member of the communities of Blanco, Fredericksburg, Hye, Johnson City, and Stonewall. The distillery and its barrel barns are open to the public for tours in Hye, Texas. Anyone interested in learning more about Garrison Brothers bourbon or tours of the distillery should visit or follow @garrisonbros on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.

ABOUT BURLESON’S HONEY For additional information on Burleson’s 4th generation, the original Texas honey, please or follow them on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

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