Introducing The Old 300™, a tight circle of bourbon drinkers.

When Stephen F. Austin—the Father of Texas—received his original land grant in 1823, the first three hundred families to homestead in Texas became known as The Old 300. Many of these brave adventurers were tough immigrant moonshiners from Kentucky and Tennessee. The historical significance is not lost on us here at Garrison Brothers. That’s why we’re writing a new chapter in Texas history, by bringing back The Old 300, with a twist that discriminating bourbon enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

The Old 300 is our bourbon education, appreciation, and ambassador association, and is your chance to help shape the future of a truly remarkable bourbon. Not only will you have a chance to visit our distillery and hand-select your own personal barrel, you’ll also receive an extensive education on the fine art of bourbon-making. That, and much more.