Small Batch

Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey | 94 PROOF

Enjoying a bottle of Small Batch is an experience unlike any other. It’s everything rich and good about bourbon, without the bite. Our bourbon is amber-crimson like a Texas sunset, darker, richer, and fuller than almost any other bourbon on the market.

We don’t source whiskey from elsewhere and we never will. Our bourbon is made – from corn-to-cork – in Hye, Texas, one barrel at a time. It’s handcrafted from a sweet mash of premium, #1 food-grade corn, soft red winter wheat from local farms, and two row barley.

hot. swell. cool. shrink. repeat.

The relentless Texas heat is brutal. Out here, it’s 100 degrees nine months out of the year; hotter inside a steel barn. It might seem crazy to buy the highest quality barrels and torture them in this heat, but doing so allows our bourbon to suck all the flavor it can from our new American oak barrels.

As it matures, the bourbon cycles through the wood’s pores and crevices, soaking in the sugars from the sap, and yielding an aroma brimming of butterscotch, nutmeg, and vanilla. Notes of fruit dominate the palate, with hints of butter, whipped cream, angel food cake and oak. The finish is smooth, with chocolate and espresso notes. A true tour de force of flavor.


Subtle nose of golden delicious apple-meat and honey. Sweet floral verbena, fresh cut grass, saddle leather, cinnamon and honey. Springtime flavors of honeysuckle and orange candy, yellow pound cake, baking spices, lemon gumdrops, and sugar cookies. Long and engrossing finish. Complex. Smoky county fair caramel apple sprinkled with walnuts and cinnamon.

“Life is simply too short to waste on cheap sourced whiskey.”

- Dan Garrison

bold but majestically crafted.

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to making better bourbon than we did the day before, which means bourbon drinkers can expect a better bottle of Garrison Brothers each time they buy one. We’re not that concerned about consistency. Consistency is boring.

One genealogical trait that runs consistently throughout our family of bourbons is color. Our bourbons are amber-crimson, like a Texas sunset, darker, richer, and bolder than any other bourbon on the market. The myth that bourbon must come from Kentucky is exactly that. We challenge you to try this next to your favorite bottle of Kentucky bourbon.